County of Los Angeles Committee Book
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Welcome to the Los Angeles County Committee Book website. The Committee Book is a compilation of active Commissions, Committees, Joint-Powers Authorities, Self-Governing Special Districts, and Multi-Jurisdictional Agencies created by the County of Los Angeles.

This website will provide you with access to Commission Rosters which will allow you to prepare nominations for potential nominees to Commission and Committees. The Board will have access to run reports. As a contact person of a Commission/Committee or Agency you can utilize the 'Meeting' tab to record Commissioners attendance which will be utilized to generate Attendance reports for the Board.

To access Commission/Committee factsheets or the electronic version of the Committee Book, click on the (BOS Home) link below. Thereafter, use the quick links on the right of the screen and click on Commissions, you will find a link to the fact sheet and the Committee Book to view information on Commissions/Committees.

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